Olio su tela / Oil on canvas - 35 x 58 cm - 2021 (71)

Categoria / Category: (Im)possibile / (Im)possible

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71 18 12 olio su tela oil on canvas 38x58 2021


From 69 to 76

It is a series of small works in which the theme of “impossible structures” or “impossible forms” is represented.

Although they are all painted in oil with a fair level of accuracy, they can be considered as studio sketches for the execution of larger final works.

In the specific case, the “impossible structures” are based on simple forms derived from a “Cistercian Numerical System” of the XIII century. These are forms with which, using a single symbol, numbers up to 9999 can be represented.

In this series of sketches the date of 18 December 1960 was chosen (18 – 12 – 1960)

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Sistema numerico Cistercense