THE MONOLITH / Big Bi-Side @ Stockholm
Hilma Af Klint Museum

This project is intended as an experiment.
The attempt is to apply the same principles of the Inside Mondriaan project also to works by other artists.
In this case the work of a Swedish pioneer of abstract art Hilma af Klint was studied, which has many similarities and affinities with the works of Mondrian, especially from a conceptual point of view.
Also on this occasion the “material transposition of the abstract vision” (basic principle of the entire research on Mondrian), has resulted in a symbolic building, “the Monolith Big Bi-Side”, a museum for housing the works of the Swedish painter.
Just as with all the other works developed in the Inside Mondriaan project, also in this case, the artist Francesco Visalli, wanted it to be a real architectural building project that was feasible and not just a utopian hypothesis or a “simple” exercise in conceptual art.
For this purpose, an opportunity was exploited that came through a competition of ideas organised by Combo Competition, called “a Temple for Hilma” without any intention to participate, but rather with the sole aim of addressing a concrete subject, to experiment with the application of a set of rules and philosophies developed with the Inside Mondriaan project. In practice, it can be defined as a kind of educational exercise. In fact, also this work was developed exclusively as a study and research activity in the field of conceptual art.
(Thanks go to the Combo Competition team for proposing a design theme with which it was possible to more fully study the connection between art and architecture)




PROJECT (drawings and related images)
Francesco Visalli