The key element in Mondrian’s work is that he only uses straight lines.

In this third phase, I wanted to explore the possibility of transforming the original geometric grid into a network of curved lines.

In technical terms, the operation involved maintaining the basic design intact, and applying a form of “circular distortion” starting from the centre of the picture and blending out towards the edges.

This activity could involve working either in a clockwise or an anti-clockwise direction.

In addition, as with all the other works I worked on, I found it was possible to vary the level of curvature from time to time. That is to say, I could start from the centre with a larger or smaller radius, conferring a different level of “force” to the original design.

Particular attention had to be focused on the way in which the lines and black planes became contorted, carefully calculating their angles and width so as to ensure that the transformation of the design corresponded precisely to the particular level of distortion.

For this third phase of distortion, I went back to the original work, therefore making no changes to the colour scale. As with the previous steps, I also performed the opposite operation.