the image is a processing performed on the original photo by arnold newman, 1942 original photo via -


The INSIDE MONDRIAAN project was also developed through consultation of a series of books, in particular:

Piet Mondrian CATALOGUE RAISONNE’ by Joop M. Joosten e Robert P. Welsh published by V+K Pubblishing / Inmerc, Blaricum e da Editions Cercle d’Art, Parigi

the complete works of MONDRIAN by Maria Grazia Ottolenghi, from the series Classics of Art published by Rizzoli Editore, Milan

Mondrian L’ARMONIA PERFETTA by Benno Tempel catalogue of the homonymous exhibition in Rome at the Vittoriano (National Monument to Victor Emmanuel II) – 8 October 2011/29 January 2012 published by Skira

MONDRIAN (under the direction of Brigitte Leal) catalogue of the “Mondrian/De Stijl” exhibition in Paris at the National Museum of Modern Art – 1 December 2010/21 March 2011 published by Centre Pompidou

MONDRIAN: THE TRANSATLANTIC PAINTINGS by Harry Cooper and Ron Spronk catalogue of the homonymous exhibition held at the Harvard University Art Museum – 28 April/22 July 2001 and at the Dallas Museum of Art – 19 August/25 November 2001 published by Yale University Press, New Haven and London, and by Harvard University Art Museum, Cambridge, Massachusetts

COMPLETE MONDRIAN by Marty Bax published by Lund Humphries

But above all, the source of more research and data acquisition, was the SNAP-DRAGON site
Special thanks to Nick Blackburn, the owner of the portal.

Since 2016 also the website RKD – Netherlands Institute of Art History
Special thanks to Drs. Wietse Coppes, Curator “De Stijl Archives” and Editor “Mondrian Edition Project”.

Encoding of the original Paintings


Classification code for original work as listed in the “Catalogue Raisonné” by Joop M. Joosten


Classification code for original work as listed in “L’Opera Completa di Mondrian” (The Complete Works of Mondrian) by Maria Grazia Ottolenghi


Encoding of the Processing


Numbering System for the project INSIDE MONDRIAAN

1 Original

1.1 Geometric grid, frontal view
1.2 Geometric grid reversed

2 distortion

2.1 geometric grid, frontal view, distorted
    2.1.1 geometric grid, frontal view, distorted on vertical exis
    2.1.2 geometric grid, frontal view, distorted on horizontal axis
2.2 geometric grid, reversed and distorted

3 stylisation

3.1 geometric base, frontal view
3.2 geometric base reversed

A – original colors

B – opposite colors

C – scale of gray

D – opposite scale of gray

E – absence of color